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Larger Companies

For larger companies we can support your in-house teams with expertise in the following areas:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Change Management
  • Corporation Tax

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Big Business

Financial Accounting

We can give you peace of mind by taking care of your financial and statutory accounting needs including Management Accounts, Annual Accounts and submissions to Companies House, so that you have more time available to concentrate on growing your business, and avoid costly penalties:

  • A complete book-keeping service to leave you free you to run your own business
  • Advice on book-keeping systems both manual and computerised
  • Preparation of annual accounts and advising on any improvements
  • Training in book-keeping enabling you to write up your own books on a regular basis
  • Preparation of cash flows profit forecasts and business plans
  • Preparation of periodic management accounts where appropriate
  • General accountancy advice in any matters arising

Management Accounting

For businesses of a reasonable size, financial accounts alone are insufficient for effective day-to-day management of the organisation. Due to the nature and complexity of financial accounts, it is often some months after the end of the year before the figures are complete. It can therefore take up to 18 months for problems early on in the accounting year to come to light. This can result in the loss of revenue, poor cash control, excessive expenditure or fraud.

As a result, frequent and fast management accounts are essential for the efficient running of a business. It is critical that these are in a format that you find easy to understand with clear charts and graphs to help identify trends and give early warning of any decline in profit performance or cash flow.

We are able to review your current accounting arrangements/processes and make suggestions for improvement. This will ensure that you keep good quality records throughout the year, enhancing the quality of information available from your book-keeper or internal accountant, and reducing the effort required to produce year-end accounts. This should lead to a rapid recovery of the costs of the review.

Change Management

At FSBC we understand that there are times when it is important to the future of your business to implement fundamental changes to the way you have been operating in the past. We can assist with Consultancy advice on the development of appropriate solutions to support the achievement of new or existing business strategies, and can provide guidance to maximise the effectiveness of the resulting business changes. These may include

  • Mentoring change leaders
  • Appraising business structures and operating models
  • Business Planning and forecasting
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Risk management
  • Communications and employee/stakeholder engagement

Please contact us to discuss the how we can tailor our services to best support you through your key business transformations.

Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax costs can be effectively managed and in many cases minimised, with careful planning. Successful tax planning should aim to balance the legislative framework, your organisation's objectives and stakeholder interests.

We can work with you to develop strategies ranging from advice on minimising tax on specific investment projects through to establishing tax efficient employee incentive schemes.

We can advise on:

  • Corporate structures
  • Capital expenditure
  • Employee benefits and share schemes
  • Share buy-backs
  • Tax planning for expansion, acquisitions and mergers

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